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Action Items

5 Steps You Can Take

To help stop litter and human waste from spoiling our lakes, rivers and shorelines:

Make a plan for trash and waste removal before you arrive.

Whether you access teh ice from a plublic or private entrance, plan to take off of the ice what you take on to it. Many access points and resorts offer garbage collection services. If your site doesn't, make a plan to transport it home for disposal.

Use colored garbage bags.

In snowy conditions, white trash bags can be difficult to see. Brightly colored bags or black bags are easier to spot making it less likely trash will inadvertently be left behind.

Keep garbage and human waste off the ice.

Store it in your vehicle, trailer or fish house. Make sure it's secure before traveling so that is doesn't blow out of truck beds or off trailers adn sleds.

Check for trash before departing.

Make sure that you have picked up any garbage in your area. And if you notice someone else has left something behind, please take a moment to pick it up and bring it with you.

Allow time and bring th etools you need to move or remove your fish house.

Take support blocks, insulation, landscaping fabric, wood and other materials with you and properly dispose of them.

It takes all of us working together to Keep It Clean! Thank you for doing your part to ensure the health of our lakes, rivers, fisheries and watershed areas.